Secret Charlottesville, A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure (2021 Reedy Press)


As someone who loves Charlottesville but finds himself a little rusty since my U.Va. graduation, I found this book filled with terrific, up-to-date places to check out on my next visit…. would NEVER have found them on my own! The author has done great research and curated a wonderful blend of sites. I only wish there were a Secret Guide for my own transplant-city!  — Tripp Evans

I’ve lived in Charlottesville for nearly 25 years and I learned a whole slew of great things about our little city. I love the easy, information-packed style and all the adventures that are possible…even if it’s just within these pages! Great gift for visitors and residents…and anyone interested in our history city!  —Frank Bergland


I’ve lived in Charlottesville for decades and still learned new things from “Secret Charlottesville.” The book is just chock full of interesting tidbits, fun activities, and adventures both big and small. The author knows this area well and written a genuinely helpful guide. — Jennifer Brecht


100 Things to Do in Charlottesville Before You Die, 3rd Edition (2022 Reedy Press)